Everyday State of Mind


A friend told me a piece of news about the passing of a Korean singer/actress, apparent of suicide.

I am not much of a fans of K-Pop scenes, just occasionally following up on some funny shows.

“Oh, yea? Well, must be because of those hateful trollers, and the super unhealthy entertainment environment in Korea”, I responded casually.

After that, the news just slipped passed. Continue with my works then.

Then, out of sudden, she sent me a message on WhatsApp…

“Are you OK?”
“If you are not feeling good, don’t keep it to yourself, okay?”

I was like… oooooookay? *dumbfounded*

Everyday State of Mind

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here is another year of my life.

A year older, a year wiser?

Perhaps, a year weaker?

This year is not a very celebratory year. There won’t be any candle blowing, fancy dinner, or drink like there’s no tomorrow with the usual best buds.

I am still in mourning period of 100 days… or 3 years? Every in the family is as confused as much. (Flashback: Grandma just passed away in August)

Another flashback all the way back to 2016.


Was hospitalised in early Aug 2016, and then was told not to have any celebration for my birthday.

Oh well, it’s like back in 2016~

And… it’s blessed to see another year, and hope to see another another year!