A Different CNY

There will be no prayers on the eve, or the 9th day, as we would always do in all these years. For the first time in my life, we didn’t have to prepare and try to stay awake until 2 or 3 in the morning to start the prayer. Every Chinese New Year (before and… Continue reading A Different CNY

Anxiety? >.<

I had a follow-up appointment with Dr Shanthi today. After the normal checks, I told her that I have this anxious feeling every now and then, and shortness of breath. She said I may have panic disorder or panic attack, and suggested me to see a psychiatrist, prescribed me some Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication. She… Continue reading Anxiety? >.<


A friend told me a piece of news about the passing of a Korean singer/actress, apparent of suicide. I am not much of a fans of K-Pop scenes, just occasionally following up on some funny shows. “Oh, yea? Well, must be because of those hateful trollers, and the super unhealthy entertainment environment in Korea”, I… Continue reading Dumbfounded

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here is another year of my life. A year older, a year wiser? Perhaps, a year weaker? This year is not a very celebratory year. There won’t be any candle blowing, fancy dinner, or drink like there’s no tomorrow with the usual best buds. I am still in mourning period of 100 days… or 3… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

Good News? Bad News?

Had my regular follow up session with Dr Shanthi. She went through my blood tests, and MRI scans, which I did a few weeks ago. “All good!”, she said. “The medication is taking effect, and it seems to be keeping the disease under control”, she continues. Then, she continued to do the usual clinical tests… Continue reading Good News? Bad News?

What?! A Neurologist?

In the course of our life, we are bound to get sick by catching bits of bugs here and there. Visiting the family doctor is a normal routine for most of us. My common bug is the annoying headache (or occasionally migraine). In fact, I don’t know what I am getting actually. This family doctor… Continue reading What?! A Neurologist?

Final Journey

These few days are busy days for us, with the works that we need to do, things to prepare, and the repeated prayers. We have finally send AhMa to her final resting place today. There was a lengthy prayer and ceremony in the morning. There was also this emcee that gave us a speech and… Continue reading Final Journey

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Goodbye, AhMa

Ah Ma has finally leave to a better place, that has no suffering and pain. Was woken up abruptly by Belle. She said, “Wake up! TaiMa has stopped breathing!” I quickly jumped up from my bed and ran down to her room. Her body is cold, and stiff. I think she looked peaceful, at least.… Continue reading Goodbye, AhMa

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