Everyday State of Mind

Keep me going..

Something keep me going despite of all the uncertainties.. not knowing what will happen tomorrow.

I look forward for it everyday.

It has so far keep me from crashing down.

I wish it will not stop.

State of Mind

Shut Down

I want to shut down.

From the rest of the world!

Alright, that’s the steroid talking.

Everyday State of Mind

Listening is an Act of Love

Listening openly, patiently, and attentively is one of the most significant expressions of love.

There isn’t a lot of people that is willing to listen to our problems.

There are days when we would feel a big boulder crashing our chest.

At times like this, what we are seeking if not advise but someone is willing to listen. I always call them ‘tree hole’. It’s like a hole made by woodpecker. I would throw everything into this tree hole, and it will fall down through the hollow tree trunk. That is a huge weight off my chest, and probably what I needed more than a sound advice.

But at the same times, being a worrisome me, I would always worried that I may burden this ‘tree hole’ by unloading my problems onto them, although they may say, “Don’t worry, just go on. You are not burdening me.” I have always said that people are not obligated to listen to us, but they did.

There is not enough of thank yous that I can say. Grateful.


Cut cut cut!

The meds are making me sweat.

I kept bugging Ann to bring me to Dicky’s place.

To cut my hair short.

Not too short though.

But it got cut shorter than I expected.

And my bloated face 🙁