Farewell HP

Most of my colleagues are staying far away from me – PJ, Subang, Ampang and etc. They came all the way to Kepong for my farewell dinner. Actually, it was Sky who suggested to go to Menjalara’s Ketam Steamboat Restaurant for dinner. There were Sky, Lai, Bryan, Gan, Poh Keong + wife and Stanley + GF. We talked, laughed and joked… comparing to yesterday’s lunch… duh~

Going out with these bunch will never end with just dinner. They decided to go for second round at OverTime nearby (Wisma Fiamma). Coincidentally, Billy was attending a wedding dinner next door and he joined us after that. The guys were enjoying among themselves while I talked with the 2 ladies + Lai. Haha! He had sex change that night. We had a mini barrel of Starker and a bucket of Tiger, which tasted awful when mixed with leftover Starker.

It was almost 1am when we finally called it a day. At least everyone was still sober and safe to drive home.


Last Day @ HP

Yesterday was my last day with HP. Alright, it was not as joyful as I would want it to be. I wanted it to be as low profile as it could be. My closer bunch of colleagues planned for a farewell lunch, with Jacky coming early before his shift starts. We could never guess that Boss suggested the same thing. She wanted to go earlier, at 12pm so that they can make it back for a 2pm meeting.

I was seriously hoping Jacky would come in after 1pm but unfortunately he came super early. We asked him to go hide somewhere so that Boss will not see him and still believing that we are waiting for Jacky. But… it was too late when Boss came back from morning meeting and saw him. “Let’s go,” she said.

Okay, lunch with her was not that bad actually. This made it bad. Before going, she stood in front of my desk (Raymond’s actually), while looking left and right, at Jacky’s and Gan’s direction and said, “Today is your last day ya. So you got to decide where and what to eat.”

“Anything will do,” I responded. While trying to act cute and looking at Jacky, she asked “Is there any shops called ‘Anything’? No, right?”

“Yes, there is. In Singapore, I’d believed.” No idea why Jacky answered. She pissed me off and I think I blew it a little by raising my tone telling her, “Hey, seriously, we can go anywhere and eat”… in my head, of course. Lai was beside me and he sensed the anger from my face expression.

I prayed that she do nothing to piss me off again, else I’m gonna blow up for real. Sadly, she did it again. We went to Restoran 228 at Dengkil for ala-carte. She said to everyone, “She has to order everything today. So later pass the menu to her ya.” Okay, fine. I’ll play along. There were photos of 6 dishes on the main page of the menu. I looked at the waiter and told her, “Everything on this page, please.”

I was not sure if she sense it or she was just playing dumb with me. At the end, I ordered 2 dishes and the rest by Lai, as he knew I was pissed off. This was an awkward lunch.

Back in the office, I was busy clearing the stuffs in my laptop, uninstalling non-HP programs and applications; and drafting my farewell email 🙂 I packed my bag at 16:30 as I have to pass my laptop and stuffs to Helen. When Boss saw me, she insisted to leave my laptop with them. I knew what they will do with it. Coincidentally, Helen walked over and she asked her. I was so happy when Helen asked me to pass to her later.

I got Lai to tagged along as I need an escort. Once I returned my tag to Helen, I will be locked in the office. So I need Lai’s tag to get out. Out of formality, I think it is better to just tell her that I will be going and a last goodbye. Bad decision. The usual stuffs, ‘all the best’ and ‘good luck’. Kit, while typing on his keyboard, says “sure not going to think about it?” and smirked. She was around too, asked “Taken photo already?” Shit! She handed her camera to Lai. Took one with Bryan. Then she said she want one too. I had an awkward smile. Lastly, one with Lai. She asked me to go around and take photo with everyone. Seriously, that was the reason why I want to leave quietly. I am not some kind of big shot in the team and I don’t like to go around and announcing my last day.

I went down to my car to pack my laptop into its original box which I have kept for a year plus; parking sticker, transponder, ActivKey and access tag into an envelope. Then Lai and I headed to 5th floor to pass these to Helen. I think I have startled her. Before this, she came to our floor with boss and asked, “When are you planning ti come up and see me? Or you are planning to leave just like that?” She surprised me although she was just kidding. I told her I will see her after 16:30. Again, the usual stuffs but from Helen, I sensed sincerity. Before leaving, she gave me a hug *awww* and offered to get me downstairs (I have returned my access card) but I told her that I’ve brought an escort, pointing at Lai.

Goodbye HP! Hope I’ll be back one day! 🙂

Techie Work

Star Wars in Text!

A colleague shared an e-mail while monitoring agent’s ticket. Apparently, this agent sent the below e-mail to a user to check on her telnet issue.

Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 2:42AM
Subject: [GSD] Telnet test


Regarding the call earlier to confirm on the telnet issue. Here is a fun way to test out if telnet client is working or not.

Kindly run below command:


This is watching Star Wars in Text via Telnet.

If you are able to view the results then it means that telnet is working fine which we do not have to reinstall the telnet as advice by the support team.

Looking forward to your reply.

I thought it was a joke shared among the team but he did really send it to the user and the telnet command actually worked. I tried it on my PC and honestly, I wouldn’t want to do it again. The text is too much. Here’s a screenshot: