I have been away for a long time that I almost ditch this site. My life has been repeating with same thing for so long that I can’t seem to find what else to write about.

Here’s something random —

I think I’ve wrote about this before (like I said, I’m living a boring life). It’s about relationship. I did not really pay much attention to this until Chinese New Year. Relationship is great with family, so-so with friends (not that I have a lot of friends) and not so great guy-girl relationship. I loves receiving angpao. Who doesn’t? But at our age where most of our same-age-or-around-that cousins have been married or have kids, we could not escape from the inevitable question – “when is your turn” or “next year must give angpao ya”. It’s not like we can simply go out, grab someone and ask “will you marry me?”

There is one guy though. I’m not sure what relationship we are in. We seldom meet up but occasionally will be on messaging. It feels great talking to him and when he don’t, I’d feel restless and will have the urge to text him. Most of the time, I didn’t. I’d think – maybe he don’t feel like how I feel, maybe he doesn’t like texting with me that much, maybe it’s just a courtesy to reply or maybe we’re just friends, mere friends.

Maybe… I can stop thinking about all these maybes and stop thinking about everything all together.

11th Year

Happy 30th birthday!

I’ve learnt to forgive myself but I will not forget.
I’ve learnt to love myself more but you will be there.
I’ve learnt to move on with you guiding me along.

It has taken me so long.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

GE13: Getting Involved

A bit of a background…

Malaysia’s 13th general elections were held on 5 May 2013, following the dissolution of the Parliament announced by the Prime Minister on 3 April 2013. Both the House of Representatives and 12 out of 13 State Legislative Assemblies (with the exception of Sarawak) were renewed, following the practice established in 2004 to hold these elections simultaneously.

How Did I Get Involved?

I was encouraged to volunteer as a PACA by a friend of mine. Her brother-in-law is a candidate. On April 13th, together with another friend, we attended a briefing at their service center in TTDI. It was started by the time we reached there. It was a small office above a shop. People were seated in rows. The speaker was briefing us about the voting procedures. We were listening to him very attentively as we had no idea what are the procedures. Then, the speaker started briefing us on tasks of an agent.

It is known as PACABA in full which is an acronym for Polling Agent, Counting Agent, Barung Agent.

As a polling agent, we will be stationed inside the room to observe the entire voting flow. A counting agent will monitor the ballot counting, to ensure only valid ballot paper will be counted and results are properly documented.

Until the very last day before polling day, we helped with the paperworks and other preparation at the service centre — form filling, photo cutting, data collection among other tasks. This is a valuable experience and I’ve learnt a lot.

The day before polling day, everyone was very exciting while some appeared to be nervous. We did the final checking to ensure everything are in order. Roster prepared and final briefing were given. We helped out until 3 am on polling day.

Broga, Conquered

We have finally made it to the top of Broga Hill! Barely, though. 🙂

It was a very ad-hoc plan. I am having a week long leave and the days before today were basically wasted by doing nothing at home, except babysitting my brother’s two monkeys. Two days ago,Ann suggested this. She asked me first and then in Whatsapp group chat. At the end, there were four dumb asses joined including myself.

We decided to meet at Ann’s house at 3:30am but as usual someone overslept and we departed at 4:00am. I borrowed my brother’s GPS as none of us dumb asses been there before. I chose the wrong “rabbit farm” from the list of selection and we ended up in the middle of nowhere.. actually somewhere in the palm plantation. Both Ann and I started to searched on our smartphone for direction. After 10km drive from the wrong way, we knew we have reached the entrance when we saw few cars parked by the roadside and a group of youngsters. It was a little bit past 5:00am.

We geared up (just sport shoes and torchlight) and walked toward the entrance of the plantation. Ann asked the youngsters if we could join them along but since they need to wait for another car, we decided to start the trail first. We walked for about 5km and stopped as we couldn’t find the trail to proceed. We saw a group of 3 heading towards our direction and decided to follow them instead but unfortunately, they were not sure as well. Then, we decided to wait for that group of youngsters.

We were lucky that it didn’t rain before our hike as the trail are mostly muddy terrain and it was dried up. So, it’s easier to hike this way. The hike reminded me of Mt. Kinabalu hike but this was much more easier. There are a lot of uneven steps, dangerous ravines, steep slopes and not to mentioned that it’s pitch dark. At some points, I felt nausea and needed to sit down for a while. It was hard to catch my breathe. I guess we are a little bit unfit for such activities. Ann even asked us to go for next hike at Crystal Hill!

We managed to reached the first peak at 6:30am, approximately an hour taken. Looking down, we can see the lights from the surrounding and took a look up, lots of bright stars all over the sky. We continued to second and third peak and stayed there for the sunrise. Crowds were building up at each peak.

The sun roses at around 7 and we stayed until it’s fully up for some shoots and of course, camwhored a little. We made our moves when it’s getting uncomfortably warm. On the way down, we came across this big rock where hikers would stand on it for photo. There were bunch of school kids on it. So, we waited a bit for our turn and got one of their teacher to take a shoot for us. We continued our journey down.

Going down is a lot harder and trickier than going up. I’d guess it’s the gravity and loose soil/sand makes the trail slippery. Suddenly, we heard one of the school kid in front shouted to their teacher way behind us that one of the pupil slipped/fell and hurt himself. He kinda ran down, according to another schoolmates. While looking for a way down, we tried to see how bad the boy hurt himself and it was pretty bad — bleeding wound on his knee, sprained arm and leg; and bruised face. There were more than 10 of the kids waiting at the side. We offered to guide them down. If we are not mistaken, they had like 3 female teacher escorting them in this trip. They should get at least a guy teacher along, IMHO.

We successfully guided the kids down the foot of the hill. It was about 9am then. The feeling was great, to be able to help people in need. We feel accomplished and super proud of ourselves 😀

We were super hungry after the hike as we had not have our breakfast yet. Instead of looking for food, Ann brought us to a Chinese temple nearby. It’s called “Sak Dato Temple”, just after the Selangor-Negeri Sembilan border. We sight-see for a while and offered prayers. Ann even took a shower there! Then, we headed back to KL for our first meal of the day.

I fell asleep while we were on the way back. The three of them were discussing and Ann giving direction. We were going to a famous eatery for its fish head. I am not a fan of fish head and luckily they have pork! ^^ They ordered a steamed fish head, steamed fish belly with sauce, pork, half chicken and a dish of vegetable. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that we were almost died of starvation. Even though if the dishes are not delicious at all, it doesn’t matter to starving people like us; but it’s yummy and not bad.

Follow Up from ECU

It is a very rare occasion to get a call on my house phone, especially during the afternoon and there was no caller ID — just 01. A guy, with a very English English, asking for me. He is Alvin, from ECU, calling to follow up on the offer.

I gave it a very serious thought but has not got a conclusion/decision yet. So, I’ve ask him to give me another buffer until end of this week and I will revert to him by email. He seems good with that.

Sigh, what should I do?

Happy Birthday!

First thing I did was to hid my birthdate on Facebook. Just for fun. Last year, I changed my birth date to a date that correspond to my lunar birthdate. And, my page was flooded with birthday wishes with family wondered if they had been remembering the wrong date for the past 20 plus years. 😛

This year, my Facebook wall is pretty quiet (that’s good). The first to wished me was Adrian via SMS. He is an ex-colleague of mine in HP. I wouldn’t say he is very close to me but we shared a lot of thoughts, especially about the stupid concierge project. It was quite surprising that he’d remember my birthday. Wishes came through SMS’es and Whatsapp message from few close friends.

Exactly midnight of 2nd Oct, I updated my birthday on Facebook and weird enough birthday messages started to flood my wall. It was really puzzling and I wondered if they did realise it was already a belated one. =.=”

A great birthday to me!