Solitary.. Not So..

Drove to Morib by myself today.

Sat down by the beach.

Cleared my head a bit.

Read a bit.

While waiting for the sun to set.

Watched parents playing with their kids in the water.

Watched couples strolling by the beach.

Guess I was the only odd one there.

Sun has set.

Stayed for another bit until the sky got dark.

Took a longer route home.

It was close to 10 by the time I reached home.

Still not feeling very good though.

Good night.

The Results

Wished it is a good ones.

Too bad, things doesn’t always go along with your plan.

Blood works not showing anything off.

MRI though..

The enhancement (inflammation) on the spinal cord is still there. Dr Guna couldn’t tell if it has always been there since the last MRI back in Sep 2016, or it healed and came back again.

She suggested to refer me to another neurologist at HKL. She does research on these cases. I said okay. Not that I have other choices available. She said she will call her to explain my case and make an appointment with her for me. Will get back to me on Monday.

Broke down while on my way back to the car.

I am so scare that I have to go through the whole ordeal again.

What if?

Test Day

Lots of tests…

I had brain and full spine MRI. Had few vials of blood taken for full blood screening.

Took a short nap while inside the MRI machine. It took about 3 hours to get all done. Had to stop for a while. Guess I was too nervous.

Got all done almost in late afternoon.

Was super hungry.

Got myself Prosperity Burger 😋

Hello Again, PMC!

When was the last time I was here? Can’t remember but it should be my last follow up with Dr Guna.

She is surprised to see me. Told her my symptoms. She suggested to have a full spine, and brain MRI. Ordered full blood test. All to be done tomorrow.

She said the chance of relapse is very low and rare. If it does come back, it’s not GBS but something else.


Let’s see what tests tell us.

Is it coming back?

So… what happened?

The same tingly numbness on the same leg. Exactly like how it was 3 years ago (or 2 years plus). I don’t want to think that it has come back, and planning just to get to a normal GP for some medications and sleep it off.

I was forced to take the rest of the day off, and to call Dr Guna for an appointment for tomorrow.

So, I went up to my desk, and started packing.

Went to my usual GP to get a referral letter for tomorrow’s appointment with Dr Guna.

Reached home and told Mom. She wasn’t too happy, especially with what happening to Grandma. She has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

She nagged a bit, and I got a little pissed. In a slightly high tone, I told her that it’s not that I wanted it to come back, and went back to my room. Stayed for the rest of the night. Didn’t really talk to anyone.

Meeting with Derek Boy

He is a cute chubby boy and he is surprisingly very calm and obedient baby. Perhaps, it is a very rare to find in my family.

This is our first time meeting with Baby Derek. He is about 7 months old and according to his mom, he weights about 9 plus kilograms! She said he resemble a lotus root. I called him a Michelin baby. ?

He was very quiet during the entire meeting. Kelly was carrying him on a hipster set. So, he would just lean on his mother’s chest and play on his own; while she eats her food. He did not even make any sound.

Luggage Forgotten

Our flight back home was delayed for almost 1.5 hours. I told Mom that if I have a choice, I won’t choose any flight that land in KLIA2. Why?

  1. We had to walk for more than 30 mins from the gate to the immigration area. 
  2. It was like a warehouse sale at the immigration area. There were massively long queues at both officer-manned counters and the auto gate while officers at the foreigner section were enjoying.
  3. Another 10-15 mins from exiting the immigration to the pick-up area.

Since we were delayed, we were kind of rushing out to the pick-up area. We were supposed to land at 21:45 but with the delay, we landed at 23:30.

Dad came to pick us up. It was kind of a chaos around the pick up area with so many travellers waiting for their pick-up and cars waiting for their friends, family or whoever.

We dropped off Amanda and Ann first. Once we reached home and Dad brought in all the luggages and bags, we realised that we had left my luggage at the pick-up area. Dad drove us back to the airport again, hoping that someone will hand it over to the airport staffs.

On the way back to the airport, I was trying to figure out how we left out the luggage. I remembered pushing the luggage out to the outer pick-up area and placed it next to our car when Ann was asking me to open the door. It was locked from inside. After that, I straight hopped into the car thinking that all luggages are in the car.

Once we reached the airport, I went to the Information Counter and the staff asked me to go up to the Information Counter at Level 3. There, the officer made a call and asked me to describe my luggage. Then he told us that my luggage was handed to the immigration counter and he asked us to go to the Information Counter at the check-in area.

I spoke to the lady at the counter and then I saw my luggage. She initially wanted me to tell her what I have inside the luggage. They had scanned it earlier and couldn’t open it as it was wrapped and strapped. Luckily I had the luggage strip sticker with me. They confirmed the details and handed me my luggage.

Out-of-Jail to Hong Kong!

I’m off to Hong Kong! It’s a out-of-jail card!

Almost 4 months since I was hospitalised, I’m out for a holiday. The trip was initially planned in October but had to be cancelled due to my illness. Mom was worried to let me confined in a plan for few hours.

Why December then? We are here for Jacky Cheung’s concert. Another reason is to visit Wong Tai Sin Temple. Kelly had made a prayer for my recovery. So, I will be going there to “repay” the prayer.

We will be visiting Kelly and her son, Derek as well.

It would be a packed trip and lots of walking.

Am looking forward to it!

Vague Dream, Not-So-Bad Message

I had another dream. Vague one as like the one I had on Monday.

This time, I dreamed of Niang Niang, a medium of Goddess of Mercy. Well, you know… Chinese. I think it was a short dream because I only remember a part where I drove to her place to meet her. I was saying something about Mom asked me to pay her a visit. I took some money from my pocket and handed it to her. She said it was not enough and the prayers and blessings that she had done for me cost more than what I give her. If my memory serves me right, it should be around 7 thousands.

And, that was when I woke up after being bitten by an annoying mosquito. Haha!