Happy Birthday!

First thing I did was to hid my birthdate on Facebook. Just for fun. Last year, I changed my birth date to a date that correspond to my lunar birthdate. And, my page was flooded with birthday wishes with family wondered if they had been remembering the wrong date for the past 20 plus years. 😛

This year, my Facebook wall is pretty quiet (that’s good). The first to wished me was Adrian via SMS. He is an ex-colleague of mine in HP. I wouldn’t say he is very close to me but we shared a lot of thoughts, especially about the stupid concierge project. It was quite surprising that he’d remember my birthday. Wishes came through SMS’es and Whatsapp message from few close friends.

Exactly midnight of 2nd Oct, I updated my birthday on Facebook and weird enough birthday messages started to flood my wall. It was really puzzling and I wondered if they did realise it was already a belated one. =.=”

A great birthday to me!

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