State of Mind

Good News? Bad News?

Had my regular follow up session with Dr Shanthi.

She went through my blood tests, and MRI scans, which I did a few weeks ago.

“All good!”, she said.

“The medication is taking effect, and it seems to be keeping the disease under control”, she continues.

Then, she continued to do the usual clinical tests (e.g. strength tests, toothpick test, etc).

“Good!”, again she said.

I told her about Dr Benjamin’s suggestion, to increase the steroid to 10 mg twice a day, which means double the dosage. I am currently on 10 mg a day.

She looked reluctant and said that she has never heard that CellCept (the immunosuppressant) cause joint pain. She said, “Don’t kacau the steroid, but let’s try to reduce the CellCept from 750mg to 500mg.”

Other than the joint pain, I’d guess the rest are all good like Dr Shanthi said.

But I don’t feel as great as her.

Not sure why. I should be happy and relieved.

But I am not.

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