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What?! A Neurologist?

In the course of our life, we are bound to get sick by catching bits of bugs here and there. Visiting the family doctor is a normal routine for most of us.

My common bug is the annoying headache (or occasionally migraine). In fact, I don’t know what I am getting actually. This family doctor nearby my place has been accustomed to my visits. He knows what is wrong with me even before I step into his consultation room.

For most of us, the most ‘advanced’ doctor that we’ve gone to is at most… the common specialist (e.g. ENT specialist, eye specialist?).

Never in my life, I am expecting to be seeing a neurologist on a regular basis! Talk about ‘advanced’! But hopefully, I won’t be seeing any neurosurgeon any time soon.

Lost? A little bit of history here.

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