A Big Sigh

There was a team meeting today.

Lowell was asking for update on Standard Change Recertification. She called out, “Pik Hung?

Without realising it, I gave a long and big ‘sigh’. Everyone else got amused and started laughing.

Leen asked, “Why, Pik Hung?” and so did Lowell.

And, I started to give my updates. I’m not sure if I have given a good update.

This project was supposed to be handled by Leen. He will be moving to a new team next week. I’m the new scapegoat to take over this from him. The handover process started a few weeks ago. I have not been involved in this before. So, I have trouble catching up when it all started. It seems like he is rushing it off.

At the end of the meeting, we had a short farewell session for Leen. He gave his thoughts. Then, Lowell asked each of us to say something about the handover process.

It will not look good to say what I really want to say. So, I just said thank you for his support in the handover. But it is nice of him to offer for me to reach out to him whenever I need too, even if he is with a different team. Well, I’m not sure if his offer is sincere. I’d think it’s all out of courtesy.

Before I ended, I said, “I hope I am not going to screw this up.

I’d guess it’s because of my current health condition, everyone has been very accommodating. Everyone goes, “Why, Pik Hung? Don’t worry. We are all here to help.


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