Back to Reality

As much as I hate it, I am back to work! It’s a hell hole.

I have been dreading for this days since weeks before today. It shows how unwilling of me to be back to work. But on the bright side, I can work from home until my next check-up in January. 🙂

A lot of people had been updating me on things happened in the office. There are goods and there are bads. And how can we leave gossips out? There are a lot of changes too since I was out.

Everyday when I thought of today, negativity starts swarming me. It’s to a point that my best friend, Ann had to keep reminding me to talk to someone and be positive.

It was a quiet return which is what I wanted. No one message me on OCS or wish me ‘Welcome Back’ on group chat. Honestly, that was great.

I had a call with Si Khei, my peer, to brief me on some tasks. My new manager asked her to handover a simple task to me first as she’s worried that I would be still weak.

Had a quick lunch and quick workout before going back to my desk. I will try to keep my usual routine as much as possible by adjusting the time between work and lunch break.

Nimmi, my peer in Chennai, messaged me and asked how I am doing. She also said that her sister-in-law had GBS few years ago and did physical therapy for 6 months. She researched a lot on GBS. A least there is someone who understand what I had gone through. She gave me a lot of encouragements.

I chatted with few close ones. Well, I would say today is a peaceful day and hopefully it will stay like this for many days to come.

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