Happy Birthday!

Every year without fail, PurpleGang (p.k.a. KNSGang) will celebrate my birthday, on eve. This year, we went to Brussels at Jaya One PJ. Coincidentally, there was a celebration on the start of Oktoberfest. We did not party for long as Yike’s daughter was around and it was way past her bedtime. We disbanded at around 12:30am the next day.

Other than my family, PurpleGang has been giving me lots of the best for my birthday. I didn’t really do any celebrating previously, other than dinner and candle-blowing at home. Apart from the sweet sweet memories, there was a bitter one too. It happened 3 years ago, on October 2nd, 2 minutes past midnight. I was on my way to meet with Ann and Louise at Pavilion, KL for a karaoke session and to celebrate my birthday as well. For only God knows why, instead of turning left, I drove straight into a deep and wide monsoon drain. My car was badly damaged and I broke my right collarbone. Surprisingly, I still managed to call them up to let them know that I can’t join them anymore. I was sent to the nearest hospital and they rushed to see how I was doing. I thank God for I am still here.

Back to present. Birthday wishes started pouring in, text messages, WhatsApp and on my Facebook wall. There are two very interesting messages:

It’s your birthday. So that makes you one year older. Hahahaha. Nuff said. Happy bday and enjoy your weekend. And just take up the offer. Cyberjaya is just too freaking far to find you for lunch.
— From my buddy of 13 years and confidante

Happy birthday. One year old, fast fast get outta HP.
— From colleague and a friend

In a little 2 hours plus, birthday would be over. Every year, it is a day which you would be looking forward to and when it is finally here, the day seems so short.

Anyway, I wish I have the best on this day and the rest of the year! Happy Birthday!

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