State of Mind

The Whys

Holidays are supposed to clear our mind. I am on the last day of my fortnight leave from work and yet I am feeling more exhausted than it should be, especially after I was being told of something on the day before. It makes me ponder again about the choice I have made last year. Was it the right thing to do? Why it has to be like this? Why me?

Previously, I have a plan to move to another country, on a long term basis or rather, permanently, if things goes well. But it was held up by a lot of circumstances. With all these happening, I’d guess it is giving me enough of determination to proceed with my plan.

With all these vague description, I’d doubt I will have a clue of what I am trying to tell here, if I happen to revisit this post again but hell! Let’s fight for our own bright, bright future!

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