Lost With Pride

We advanced to finals. I guess we were not well-prepared and lost the game but we are proud with ourselves.

Lai and I participated in badminton mixed double in Decalympic, a sports event organised by the employees. Teams in GSD competed against each other in several sports. There were only 7 teams in this category and we started our match in quarterfinal. The first match was an easy win.

Yesterday was our semi-final match. The opponents were quite good, better than our first one. Fortunately, we managed to get through in 2 sets and advanced to Finals!

We heard from our colleague that our male opponent plays well and his smashes are powerful. I did not have the confident in winning actually but we gave our very best. We lost at the 3rd set, a close match. I felt disappointed but nevertheless, it was a great game!

I have nothing for the organiser exception complains. The schedule sucks, committee sucks, time management sucks! During our second match, it was supposed to start at 3:30pm but the committee appeared only 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

The biggest complain I have is the linesman they got. This particular Indian linesman called an “in” for my opponent’s service even though it was an “out”! He did it on both of our games and to me! He did it again during Men’s Double final and almost got screwed by one of the player. He quit after than and replaced by someone else. Good for him.

There wasn’t any service judge and since we were not professional players, there were almost fault in all the services. At least get someone who is more familiar with the game.

Anyway, this was my first participation and also my last. Let’s keep this memory in a good way. 😛

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