Happy Birthday, Dad!

His birthday was on Friday, 4th November and we decided to treat him dinner. Surprisingly, he wanted western food. Dad doesn’t really fancy western food because he doesn’t dine on beef and choices are limited for him. We brought him to Tony Roma’s at eCurve.

Maybe it was due to his rare visits to diners like these, he was kind of anxious. Mom read him the menu, he observed the surrounding, awed at mat salleh who finished the entire course of dinner — appetizer + starter + main course + desserts. But he was not losing to them too… by helping to clear our plates! 😛

The whole dining experience was great but it did not have a good start. I called earlier for reservation, soon after we parked our car. The fella on the line did not let me finish my sentence and missed “… and a child” and gave us a side table. He promised to move us to a bigger round table as soon as it’s available. We patiently waited but turned out to be a disappointment because the manager forgot his promise and gave the table to someone else. We had to wait for another table, which was about 15 minutes later.

My last visit to Tony Roma’s at Sunway Pyramid was way better than here. The staffs, maybe.

Forget about the unhappy details. Wishing Dad a happy birthday and may all his wishes all come true but most important of all, a pink bill of health!

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