Farewell HP

Most of my colleagues are staying far away from me – PJ, Subang, Ampang and etc. They came all the way to Kepong for my farewell dinner. Actually, it was Sky who suggested to go to Menjalara’s Ketam Steamboat Restaurant for dinner. There were Sky, Lai, Bryan, Gan, Poh Keong + wife and Stanley + GF. We talked, laughed and joked… comparing to yesterday’s lunch… duh~

Going out with these bunch will never end with just dinner. They decided to go for second round at OverTime nearby (Wisma Fiamma). Coincidentally, Billy was attending a wedding dinner next door and he joined us after that. The guys were enjoying among themselves while I talked with the 2 ladies + Lai. Haha! He had sex change that night. We had a mini barrel of Starker and a bucket of Tiger, which tasted awful when mixed with leftover Starker.

It was almost 1am when we finally called it a day. At least everyone was still sober and safe to drive home.

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