D+V’s <3 Project

We were at Port Dickson for a weekend. We booked a luxurious hotel room with a private pool at Grand Lexis, which fitted 10 of us including two of Yike’s kids. We had one important task at hand…

Rewind a little to April. We were at Coffee Bean after our DF0142 annual dinner. We were discussing about planning a local trip for one of the weekend. Topic on marriage suddenly popped up and we asked Mushroom when he and Vicky is going to tie the knot. That was when he tasked us with the proposal planning and we decided to do it during our PD trip.

Honestly, not much were being done or discussed until the very last two weeks. Here were the delegations:

  1. “Will U Marry Me” by the pool – Me with help from Yike
  2. Bouquet – Kristyn & Ann
  3. Photographer – Donny (of course)
  4. Videographer – Kristyn
  5. Decorations – Siew Fong, Louise, Shin Lee

We checked in at 15:00 while Mushroom was stalling by heading to Melaka first, to buy us time to decorate the room. I headed straight to the pool with all the candles and wire. My initial plan was to tied up all the candles with wire to make up the letter. First test failed as the weight was built up when all the candles were tied together, they sank. After some discussion and trial & error, we decided to lay it out by the pool side. A reminder to all, we must always be careful around the pool 🙂 as I slipped and fell into the pool while trying to stand on a narrow side of the pool. Since I was all soaked, I remained in the pool with my clothes on while finishing the decor.


Preparations were all done around 17:00 and Mushroom updated us that he will be reaching soon. As the sun had not set and it was still bright, it will not look nice when we lit up all the candles, with such bright background. Thus, we asked him to stall and try to reach as later as possible. At least until it is dark enough to feel the romance. Haha! He did and they reached around 18:30, almost dawn. The plot began~

Ann, Siew Fong, Shin Lee, two young ones and Kristyn armed with the camcorder, went to the lobby to meet with both of them. Kristyn started filming (pretending it’s her new camcorder and she is testing it). They asked Mushroom to go to the car park and help me carry some stuffs. They stopped at the car park at 4th floor and he had to sprint to 7th floor to meet me while they played dumb in the lift by pressing the wrong floors – they went to 9th floor. I quickly brought Mushroom into the room and briefed him on our plan before we had him hide at the other end of the pool. Everyone is on standby.

Once Vicky stepped in, she saw an iPad with a Post-it note that says “Play Me”. It played a video speech recorded by Mushroom. It was my bad for forgetting to bring the HDMI adapter for the iPad. We had initially planned to plug the iPad to the TV in the room. It would have look nicer on a TV instead. She had to replay the video few times because of the soft voice playback. Tears started to roll down her cheek. Then she followed the flower petals on the floor to the next room which ended with an arrow pointed at a wooden sliding door. It had another Post-it note with “Open Me”. She was surprised when she saw Mushroom standing at the other end, holding a cardboard that says “Please Say Yes”. She immediately said “YES!” Part of our plan – he has to jump into the pool and present her the ring. With the bouquet, he knelt on one knee and popped up the question again. He got another “Yes”. We were cheering and clapping when he took out the ring and slid it on her finger. Photo session begins.

We had one evil plan. While they were standing on the steps in the pool, Ann and Yike was on count – 1, 2 and 3 – off into the pool! Luckily she was all smiling. 🙂

Mission Accomplished!

Mission accomplished!

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