My Blood is Underweight

I was so eager for today to come because there is a blood donation drive organised by the iEvents committee. I even went to bed at 9:30 PM last night!

Went down to the auditorium together with Louise and Shakeela. Preliminary check was okay, even asked the doctor to drop 2kg from the form 🙂 The next stop was blood check. It was not a good sign coming from the girl’s face. She told me that my blood is not sinking. I was like, “Err, what does that mean?” She took more of my blood and insert into a portable machine. She said, “Your Hb count is low, 11.4 only. You go back to the doctor and he’ll explain.”

I went back to the same doctor and he smiled at me sheepishly because he knew what happened. He explained a lot of things that I don’t understand. All I know is that I don’t have enough if iron.

Actually, it reminds me of a body checkup I did many years ago when I had my heart checked. The report did show that I may have Thalassemia but the doctor said it was not something alarming. So, I just brushed it away. I remembered as well, that my previous attempt to donate blood ended up the same. I guess it’s time again for me to renew my health report.

I’m still sad for not being able to donate blood. :'(

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