Final Journey

These few days are busy days for us, with the works that we need to do, things to prepare, and the repeated prayers.

We have finally send AhMa to her final resting place today.

There was a lengthy prayer and ceremony in the morning. There was also this emcee that gave us a speech and talked about AhMa that made us all cried a river. She’s good.

It’s weird seeing her under the ground.

The last time we can take a good look at her.


Goodbye, AhMa

Ah Ma has finally leave to a better place, that has no suffering and pain.

Was woken up abruptly by Belle. She said, “Wake up! TaiMa has stopped breathing!”

I quickly jumped up from my bed and ran down to her room.

Her body is cold, and stiff.

I think she looked peaceful, at least.

It’s sad, but I think it’s also a relief, that she is no longer in pain from the cancer.

I will have another thing to remember for this day. 3 years ago today, I was hospitalised for GBS.

Farewell, AhMa