State of Mind


To stop seeing our health as binary, between sick and healthy, well and unwell, whole and broken; to stop thinking that there’s some beautiful, perfect state of wellness to strive for; and to quit living in a state of constant dissatisfaction until we reach it.


Be Brave! I Need You!

Sometimes we want to be told “I need you” more than we do “I love you,” because we want to feel that our lives have a purpose. So, be brave and say honestly, “I need you.”

Very often, us Asians are associating words of affection with man-woman relationships, and often neglected other types of relationships. We always find it awkward to utter these words of affection with the people we care about. We loves our family, we loves our friends, and maybe not our colleagues. 😜

So… whoever it may be..

I love you.
I thank you.
And I need you.


Our Existence Is Already Enough

Something from my current read…

As old friends, we were unguarded and revealed our inner feelings freely. Old friends have no need to display artificial selves; you can accept them as they are and share your true self with them. He was such a friend for me. He told me everything that had happened over the past decade, talking until he reached his recent worries.

I remembered that he had always been anxious, even with nothing in particular to be anxious about. He told me that his anxiety had gotten worse recently, and to stave it off, he had been working hard.

Even if we never achieve anything big or significant, our existence alone is already enough.


It’s Okay To Be Selfish

Be good to yourself first, then to others.

What we are feeling is not something that should just be ignored, but something very significant. The feelings inside us will not be easily disappear just because we decided to suppress or ignore them. Many psychological problems come about when repression becomes a habit and the energy of those suppressed emotions is unable to find a healthy outlet. Just as stagnant water becomes fetid and toxic, so it is with our emotions.