I have been away for a long time that I almost ditch this site. My life has been repeating with same thing for so long that I can’t seem to find what else to write about.

Here’s something random —

I think I’ve wrote about this before (like I said, I’m living a boring life). It’s about relationship. I did not really pay much attention to this until Chinese New Year. Relationship is great with family, so-so with friends (not that I have a lot of friends) and not so great guy-girl relationship. I loves receiving angpao. Who doesn’t? But at our age where most of our same-age-or-around-that cousins have been married or have kids, we could not escape from the inevitable question – “when is your turn” or “next year must give angpao ya”. It’s not like we can simply go out, grab someone and ask “will you marry me?”

There is one guy though. I’m not sure what relationship we are in. We seldom meet up but occasionally will be on messaging. It feels great talking to him and when he don’t, I’d feel restless and will have the urge to text him. Most of the time, I didn’t. I’d think – maybe he don’t feel like how I feel, maybe he doesn’t like texting with me that much, maybe it’s just a courtesy to reply or maybe we’re just friends, mere friends.

Maybe… I can stop thinking about all these maybes and stop thinking about everything all together.