Screwed MT!

I have made a wrong decision!

There has been an update for WP, for a looooooong time but I did not update it because my hosting does not have the supported version PHP. I ignored the update all these while, until yesterday.

I checked with the support if they are going to upgrade PHP to the latest version. He said they will but not sure when (what???) and he suggested to switch from current Windows hosting to Linux. Without thinking twice, I said ‘Yes’!

While FTP’ing to my hosting, I saw a folder in the root directory – cgi-bin – it reminds me of Movable Type. Previously, I had trouble installing MT. So, I thought… no harm trying again. I downloaded the latest MT, followed the instructions and dang… same error message like before. Tweaked around and finally got something new, managed to see the configuration wizard and I happily filling up and clicking away. Next — Missing Database Modules. What the… Gave up and back to WP.

Another problem, the database I have exported earlier could not be imported to my new hosting. Some SQL errors. OMG! All my posts are gone!

Can I say lucky? I have WP installed on my iPhone and I could still find old posts in there. Now, I have to retype every single posts back in again.


State of Mind

The Whys

Holidays are supposed to clear our mind. I am on the last day of my fortnight leave from work and yet I am feeling more exhausted than it should be, especially after I was being told of something on the day before. It makes me ponder again about the choice I have made last year. Was it the right thing to do? Why it has to be like this? Why me?

Previously, I have a plan to move to another country, on a long term basis or rather, permanently, if things goes well. But it was held up by a lot of circumstances. With all these happening, I’d guess it is giving me enough of determination to proceed with my plan.

With all these vague description, I’d doubt I will have a clue of what I am trying to tell here, if I happen to revisit this post again but hell! Let’s fight for our own bright, bright future!

State of Mind

In Memory & Happy Birthday

You have been gone for 10 years but it still seems like yesterday.

I am doing fine. A little ups and downs are a norm. Some thoughts are playing in my mind recently. I have some plans but not sure how to proceed and I wished you were here to get me through. But worry not, I’ll manage it because I know you will be around.

A happy belated birthday to you and love always.

People die only when we forget them. If you can remember me, I will be with you always.