Welcome Koala Bear

No, I am not getting a koala bear as a pet.

It is actually a name Belle gave to her baby brother, whenever we asked what to name him. My sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby boy this evening. He has a very special date/time of birth – May 21st 2012 @ 5:21PM.

Baby Jasper

Coincidentally I am on leave. Together with Mom and Belle, we went to the hospital. We headed to the room number that Gor gave us but could not find it. So, we decided to wait at Starbucks while having a cuppa. I tried to call his mobile several times but he is not answering and then he finally sent me a short message, “He is here!” We quickly finish our drinks and couldn’t wait to see him but unfortunately the kid doctor was not there yet to check him. At the end, we decided to go back home first.

We went back to the hospital again at night, with Dad. The nurse was bathing him and told us to wait for a short while… Almost an hour passed, close to 10PM but not a single sign of him. A quick check with the nurse, they were keeping him in a box to get him warmer and asked us to wait for another while. As we had not have our dinner yet, we decided to come back the next day.