State of Mind

What A Dream

I remember I was walking away from office. There was a downward slope, exactly like the one when I once lived. I saw a brown-furred lioness laying on the other sidewalk and was alerted of my presence. As I saw it in a “ready” stance, I slowly turned around and head to the opposite direction. I looked back and saw it started walking. Startled by its action, I quicken my pace and eventually started running. The next part was a little fuzzy but I remember seeing a tree and realising that I am not able to run away from it, I climbed onto the bald tree.

There is a boy trying to make the lioness away by surprisingly, it looked like they were playing with each other and no harm was done to the boy. Crowds began to gather around the tree and they didn’t look threaten by the presence of the lioness nor it actually realise the presence of the crowd. It started to circle around the tree accompanied by 2 more lions or some animals that resemble a lion.

I wanted to grab my phone to make an emergency call but my phone and other possessions were on the ground. I saw a girl talking on a phone. I shouted at her to dial for emergency. I was not sure if she heard me and do as I said or she ignored me. Then, I saw the brown-furred lioness on its two hind legs, picked up my mobile and started dialing a number.

And that was when my alarm rang. Dang!