Lost With Pride

We advanced to finals. I guess we were not well-prepared and lost the game but we are proud with ourselves.

Lai and I participated in badminton mixed double in Decalympic, a sports event organised by the employees. Teams in GSD competed against each other in several sports. There were only 7 teams in this category and we started our match in quarterfinal. The first match was an easy win.

Yesterday was our semi-final match. The opponents were quite good, better than our first one. Fortunately, we managed to get through in 2 sets and advanced to Finals!

We heard from our colleague that our male opponent plays well and his smashes are powerful. I did not have the confident in winning actually but we gave our very best. We lost at the 3rd set, a close match. I felt disappointed but nevertheless, it was a great game!

I have nothing for the organiser exception complains. The schedule sucks, committee sucks, time management sucks! During our second match, it was supposed to start at 3:30pm but the committee appeared only 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

The biggest complain I have is the linesman they got. This particular Indian linesman called an “in” for my opponent’s service even though it was an “out”! He did it on both of our games and to me! He did it again during Men’s Double final and almost got screwed by one of the player. He quit after than and replaced by someone else. Good for him.

There wasn’t any service judge and since we were not professional players, there were almost fault in all the services. At least get someone who is more familiar with the game.

Anyway, this was my first participation and also my last. Let’s keep this memory in a good way. 😛

Xiao Bai, RIP

Our beloved pet dog passed away “not so peacefully” this morning. He must be too saddened that Steve Jobs is leaving on his own and decided to accompanied him to a better place.

Every single days will not be the same again without you wagging your tails, greeting us ‘good morning‘ or ‘welcome home‘. Although my sandals and slippers will no longer be part of your diet but you will forever be missed.

For few months, he had not been feeling well. He didn’t bark at visitors or passerby, weighed down, loss of appetite and more. Before he passed away, he had been skipping his meals for two days straight. On Saturday morning, he vomited and couldn’t move at all. We could hear his heavy breathing even from inside of our house.

Gor drove around the area looking for vet that is willing to put him to sleep as we could not bear seeing him in this state. Unfortunately, none of them are willing to. He turned to his friends and they told him to let the dog be. Another friend even suggested to play Buddhist chants so that he will pass sooner. Since we couldn’t get a vet, that was the only option. Gor slept in the living room the entire night.

Until this morning… his breathing worsen. Gor went to nearby vet and drove him to our house to put him to sleep… and waited until he breathed his last. We buried him in our workshop, along with the Buddhist chant player, still playing.

At night, Belle kept asking “Where is Doggy?”

Steve Jobs, RIP

It was a very shocking news. When I first stepped into the office, my colleagues called me and said, “your idol passed away yesterday!” I was kind of dumbfounded as I have no idea who they were talking about.

The first thing I did once my laptop is up was login to Facebook. It was one platform where you can get the latest news immediately… and the news is real.

He died of cancer on October 5th, a day after Apple announced the not-so-anticipated iPhone 4S and among other things. Maybe he too was disappointed like how we did. That was a joke, of course. I’m not really a hardcore fans of Apple. The only Apple products that I have are iPhone and iPad. Not really into Macs.

Rest in Peace.

Unfair My Foot!

What will you do first if you want to resign from your current job? You would talk to your manager, wouldn’t you? Your reporting manager, that person’s name in the box above yous, connected with a solid line. Right? I did that today, to officially initiate my so-called disengagement process.

My situation is a little different. See, I used to worked and report to Manager Selfish (Let’s call her that). Then, there was an organisational restructure and I was aligned to a new team under Manager I-Think-Right but still doing the same job for Manager Selfish. Some times later, Manager I-Think-Right did a bad job and Manager Aussie took over. She is a fine manager, as far as I’m concerned. So, even in this situation, you would still need to talk to your direct manager, right? In my case, Manager Aussie.

I need to get all these sorted out so that I can start my new job as soon as possible. I do not have the obligation to inform Manager Selfish of my resignation but since I am still doing work for her account and out of courtesy and respect, I decided to inform her. I called on her mobile as she was away on medical leave. It was fine in the beginning of the call but her tone immediately took a sharp U-turn when she knew that I have talked to Manager Aussie. She said in Mandarin, “你这样做,很不公平咧” — meaning what I did was unfair to her. I think she has forgotten that I am not her direct report anymore. But what the fuck. It’s my career for God’s sake. Why do I have to care whether this is fair or not. With the Concierge project on hold and giving us no specific time frame but just a “on hold, standby, any time”, she expect me to stay? She also said what I did made her look bad. Like I care.

Since she has such perception of me, I no longer need to be nice with her. I’ll need to prepare for her return next week.

Happy Birthday!

Every year without fail, PurpleGang (p.k.a. KNSGang) will celebrate my birthday, on eve. This year, we went to Brussels at Jaya One PJ. Coincidentally, there was a celebration on the start of Oktoberfest. We did not party for long as Yike’s daughter was around and it was way past her bedtime. We disbanded at around 12:30am the next day.

Other than my family, PurpleGang has been giving me lots of the best for my birthday. I didn’t really do any celebrating previously, other than dinner and candle-blowing at home. Apart from the sweet sweet memories, there was a bitter one too. It happened 3 years ago, on October 2nd, 2 minutes past midnight. I was on my way to meet with Ann and Louise at Pavilion, KL for a karaoke session and to celebrate my birthday as well. For only God knows why, instead of turning left, I drove straight into a deep and wide monsoon drain. My car was badly damaged and I broke my right collarbone. Surprisingly, I still managed to call them up to let them know that I can’t join them anymore. I was sent to the nearest hospital and they rushed to see how I was doing. I thank God for I am still here.

Back to present. Birthday wishes started pouring in, text messages, WhatsApp and on my Facebook wall. There are two very interesting messages:

It’s your birthday. So that makes you one year older. Hahahaha. Nuff said. Happy bday and enjoy your weekend. And just take up the offer. Cyberjaya is just too freaking far to find you for lunch.
— From my buddy of 13 years and confidante

Happy birthday. One year old, fast fast get outta HP.
— From colleague and a friend

In a little 2 hours plus, birthday would be over. Every year, it is a day which you would be looking forward to and when it is finally here, the day seems so short.

Anyway, I wish I have the best on this day and the rest of the year! Happy Birthday!