It’s Here! It’s Here!

Finally! The entire process was not as long as I have expected. No queue, no crowd.

I reached KL Convention Centre around 14:30, although I have booked the 14:00 slot. So I’d expecting a big crowd and long queue but to my surprise, it was not. But yes, there was a big crowd and long queue but those people were waiting to go into the Comic Fest KL. I saw a lot of cosplay fans, those that I recognised — One Piece, Hayate the Combat Butler, Bleach, Aliens and maybe some more. I guess those Maxis people realised that people looking for iPhone 4S would be lost among these comic fans, they had staffs stationed in between with placards that shout out “Maxis iPhone 4S” and “Registration”. This guy asked us to walk along and look for guys in black suit (MiB?). Unfortunately, there were not tall, handsome, nice hunky body kinda guys. LOL!

There were a lot of arched pathway with lots of “stages” to go through. It’s like a game, you have to complete a stage to advance to the next. Here’s the summary:

  1. Stage 1: A lady asked for my booking confirmation
  2. Stage 2: A lady passed me some forms
  3. Stage 3: Look for staffs with iPad for registration
  4. Stage 4: End of the pathway, show the completed form to a lady and was given a queue number
  5. Stage 5: Queue number called, proceed to the assigned counter. Mine was A3
  6. Stage 6: (This should be the mini-boss) Pass them the forms, make payment and wait
  7. Stage 7: (another mini-boss) Go to the assigned collection counter to collect the phone
  8. Stage 8: FINAL BIG BOSS! Activate the phone!

Being a very careful user, I immediately headed to those accessories stalls in the middle of the hall for casing. While I was waiting to make the payment, Ann helped me to buy a RM49 screen protector. They provided free service to apply the protector, if you purchase from them. I found out that the one Ann bought has only front screen protector but I want both front and back. A very good friend indeed. She helped me to ask the promoter if we can do a refund. Lucky for us, there was a guy wanted to buy the same screen protector and he is willing to buy it from us. Then we headed to the next stall, selling both front and back protector at RM50+. I have also bought a pink casing. Haha! Ann gave me a weird look. It’s not a pink pink, it’s Persian Rose (check Wiki)

I was so happy after I got my long-awaited iPhone 4S. We headed back and she made me to have steamboat for dinner. I super dislike steamboat because it makes you stink afterwards. But considering that she came along and helped me with stuffs, an exception only for today.

Waiting Anxiously

Waiting for what? For this, of course!

I have been waiting for the next iPhone but honestly, I was quite disappointed when they announced iPhone 4S instead of the speculated iPhone 5. Nevertheless, I’ll still get it because I can’t stand the sluggishness of my old-trustworthy iPhone 3GS. Apart from being sluggish, the camera is not working like it should. I had the camera lens replaced once.

For the past weeks, the 3 major telcos had announced that they will be offering iPhone 4S soon. Few days later, they revealed the date of launch – 16 December 2011. Everyone is waiting impatiently for their respective plans, until few days ago. We saw DiGi revealed their plans, followed by Maxis. No idea about Celcom as I’m not a very big fan of them.

Last week, I received a booking invitation from Maxis to their launches — midnight pre-launch starting tonight and day launches on 16 & 17 Dec. I registered for the 17 Dec launch. Hopefully I can get the phone on the spot unlike when I got my iPhone 3GS which I had to wait for around a month.

OMG! Please, Saturday come quick!

Star Wars in Text!

A colleague shared an e-mail while monitoring agent’s ticket. Apparently, this agent sent the below e-mail to a user to check on her telnet issue.

Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 2:42AM
Subject: [GSD] Telnet test


Regarding the call earlier to confirm on the telnet issue. Here is a fun way to test out if telnet client is working or not.

Kindly run below command:


This is watching Star Wars in Text via Telnet.

If you are able to view the results then it means that telnet is working fine which we do not have to reinstall the telnet as advice by the support team.

Looking forward to your reply.

I thought it was a joke shared among the team but he did really send it to the user and the telnet command actually worked. I tried it on my PC and honestly, I wouldn’t want to do it again. The text is too much. Here’s a screenshot:

Steve Jobs, RIP

It was a very shocking news. When I first stepped into the office, my colleagues called me and said, “your idol passed away yesterday!” I was kind of dumbfounded as I have no idea who they were talking about.

The first thing I did once my laptop is up was login to Facebook. It was one platform where you can get the latest news immediately… and the news is real.

He died of cancer on October 5th, a day after Apple announced the not-so-anticipated iPhone 4S and among other things. Maybe he too was disappointed like how we did. That was a joke, of course. I’m not really a hardcore fans of Apple. The only Apple products that I have are iPhone and iPad. Not really into Macs.

Rest in Peace.